How to claim VAT refunds

Latest update: 23/03/2022

Taxpayers may claim VAT refunds

The annual VAT return and the quarterly refund application may be submitted directly by the taxpayer or through an authorised intermediary, without providing any additional documents. The refund may be assigned to a third party.

For non-resident entities that have appointed a tax representative in accordance with Article 17(3) of Presidential Decree No 633 of 1972, the VAT refund can be claimed by the representative. The refund can be paid to the tax representative.

Information to be included in the refund application

The refund application should be submitted by entering the relevant information in the VAT return or the quarterly refund application (TR Form); for example, the amount of the claim, the basis for claiming a refund, the right not to have to present a guarantee.

To be able to claim a refund, the taxpayer’s VAT credit must be not less than EUR 2 582.28; the refund claimed must be greater than EUR 10.33.

Deadline for claiming a refund

The annual VAT return, in which the annual VAT refund can be claimed, must be submitted between 1 February and 30 April of each year.

Quarterly applications must be submitted as follows:

  • from 1 to 30 April for the 1st quarter (January-March)
  • from 1 to 31 July for the 2nd quarter (April/June period)
  • from 1 to 31 October for the 3rd quarter (July/September period).

Normally, the refund is paid within three months from the application. Beyond this time limit, the applicant is entitled to interest of 2% per year.

In one year, taxpayers can submit three claims for quarterly VAT refunds and one claim for annual VAT refund.

After receiving the refund application, the Revenue Agency may request a sample of invoices.

Communications with the taxpayer are mainly by email or certified email.

In case of error

If applicants become aware of errors in their refund application after sending it, they can submit an annual VAT return or a supplemental quarterly application.

If a refund already paid was not due, the Agency can recover the sums paid plus interest. Penalties are charged only in the event of significant irregularities.